About Us

Larissa Hamilton Corcovado Furniture New Zealand

Who is Corcovado?

Corcovado Design was created by husband and wife team, Andrew and Larissa Hamilton, in response to thier own need to create a home that felt more aligned with the way they wanted to live.  

A home that could offer a retreat from the noise and stress of the outside world. One that would feel authentic, where natural, sustainable materials were celebrated and the work of human hands acknowledged. 


At the core of all Corcovado Design is a belief that well-designed, handmade furniture, made in small runs and created from natural, sustainable materials truly impacts mental health and emotional well being. 

Our Beginnings

Corcovado has two large showrooms in New Zealand showcasing their exclusive range of furniture, homewares and lighting.

Corcovado's flagship showroom opened in Christchurch in 2015, followed by an Auckland showroom in 2019.  With a strong e-commerce offering, Corcovado designs are sold throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Corcovado has offered an edited selection of it's exclusive designs to U.S customers and designers since 2023.